Just Some Flash of Thought: Welcome to SoGod

I was in the bus travelling to hometown for some visit and short weekend vacation. One town away from ours, some flash of thought came through me. The subject is about to signage of the town "Welcome to Sogod" in front of the municipal hall. Then I just remembered some interesting memory of that signage.

It is accustomed during yuletide season to put some lights anywhere that suits. One time before, they decorated the signage with light in such a way that even at night, one would still be able to read the sign 'WELCOME TO SOGOD'. By the way, the signage is on the grass, actually it was made of grasses forming the sign. The Christmas season had passed yet still due to long gotten tradition to continue the spirit of Christmas even until February.

I passed by the place one evening while travelling on a bus going home way back college, went to look outside the window and to my amazement. The signage "WELCOME TO SOGOD" was not at all well lighted or probably lights got busted that instead of that sign, the message visible to me was "COME TO GOD". I didn't know if it was intended but really it STRUCK me.

Now, the grasses are dying due to the intense heat that the signage is not at all recognizable. But I'm hoping, somebody else got that message too.