Pay 8 Forward

This thought has been with me ever since I don't know when.

Pay It Forward. Whenever I received kindness, this is what I instill in my mind, to pay it forward. Whenever I received compassion, I always tell myself to pay it forward.  Whenever I received generosity, I say to myself pay it forward.

 To pay it forward is to share blessings to others. Paying it forward is something my foster parents in the Netherlands ask me in return for their helping me in my college tuition fee. Paying it forward is what my parents taught me with the little achievements/success I have. Paying it forward is what God wants me to do with the many graces He showered and continue showering on me.


So heavy words, so great a mission I commissioned myself.

I am born to pay it forward.
I am born blessed.


transferred from sfcrohya blog posted March 19, 2010 


They often say a Sagittarius loves to travel. Well, it is indeed true for me. In the world of Zodiac signs, I was born a Sagittarius - The Archer. Wiki says "In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is identified as a centaur: half human, half horse. The Babylonians identified Sagittarius as the god Pabilsag, who had wings and a lion's head." A horse runs fast. Wings allow one to fly. Lions are tough. I love to run, I want to fly and whether you like it or not, I am tough. I felt like mythology somehow is true for me huh.

Before I proceed with the real goal of this post - that is to list all places I want to go - I just want to share some information I got in my research on the characteristic of Sagittarius. BTW, Trivia: I usually spell Saggitarius in a double 'g' and not the double 't'. After I made this post, hopefully I make use of this to remember that it is SagiTTarius.

Provided by Tarot.com 
The Sagittarius is really a centaur -- the lower half is horse, the upper half is a man. The man is holding a bow with an arrow aimed upwards toward the sky. This symbolizes the Sagittarius' drive to overcome basic animal instincts by aiming his thoughts into the divine realms of the heavens ("heaven is my final destination"). In other words, Sagittarius is hunting for ideas and experiences that draw you into greater awareness ("always happy to learn"). As such, Sagittarius tend to love adventure, travel and philosophy ("as this post is supposed to be on travel but yeah, adventure and philosopy")-- all ways of extending beyond your immediate surroundings.

Sagittarius tend to aim their arrows of thought upward, being the incurable optimists ("as in incurable, that's something I'm happy I am... being OPTISMISTIC as in INCURABLY") of the zodiac. Sagittarius often look at the sunny side of life and the silver lining to any dark cloud ("keep me trying to stand every downfall"). Sagittarius are honest to a fault, for you can say what's on your mind before you realize that someone's feelings might be hurt. ("to be honest, yes, been there and done that. hurt somebody because of my being brutally frank but that was way of concern. If I wouldnt tell them the truth, then, how would they know? Of course, Im trying to at least be tactful at times") Since the Sagittarius is part horse, there is also a connection between Sagittarius and horses, be it a love of riding or an emphasis on the most powerful part of a horse: its legs and thighs. In fact, many of Sagittarius love outdoor hiking and long distance running ("no wonder, I am into running or walking. It feels good to run.").

The Sagittarius motto is "It is better to know how to learn than to know." ("I'm loving this motto even if it is so nosebleed. laughs."). You seek knowledge and wisdom, never tiring of the quest for what is yet to come. Others enjoy being with you when you are in your outgoing and joyful mood, but you can become more sullen if you feel that your wings have been clipped ("I could be the bestest if this word exists, I could be your bestest best friend but I could also be your worstest worst enemy"). Even in a restrictive situation, however, you'll not lose hope ("Never say die. No retreat no surrender. I maybe destroyed but I'll never be DEFEATED") --and it is this inspirational perspective that leads you to your greatest success.("on a greater note: HOPE... is what I'm trying to give to others who dont have this")

Ninth House: Travel("Sagittarius is the 9th sign chuchu echus")
If the Third House is the House of Quick Trips, then the opposite Ninth House could be called the House of Long Distance Journeys. It's about foreign travel, higher education -- for that's travel in the mind and the potential adventure that the future holds. ("this brings me back to the purpose of this post")

Travelling is in my system. I couldnt take it away from me. Whether or not it is just a zero displacement, I still call it travel when my imagination reach some destination. So let me talk about, as in literally, places I want to go to.

I want to go to: (not in the proper order)

CEBU - all over Cebu, to places I haven't gone yet. including Malapascua islands and all other islands and many yet. Do the Northern Escapade, The Southern Heritage Trail, Urban Adventure, Discover Enchanting Camotes and Explore the Midwest.   

BOHOL - visit the tarsiers, the chocolate hills, churches.

DUMAGUETE - explore, boulevard. (been there but just passed by)

GUIMARAS - mangoes. mangoes. mangoes

BORACAY - c'mon. at least be there in this lifetime.(laughs)

BACOLOD - city of smiles.

ILO ILO - the queen city of the south before Cebu.

SAMAR - San Juanico Bridge.  (been there but no picture souvenir.huhuhu)

LEYTE - historic leyte. (been there)

BUKIDNON - pineapples. pineapples. pineapples

CAMIGUIN - lanzones. lanzones.lanzones

CAGAYAN DE ORO - white water rafting.

DAVAO - fruit basket of the philippines. the biggest city. (been there)

ILIGAN - Ma.Cristina falls.


BAGUIO - summer capital of the Phils. (been there)

SAGADA - culture.


AURORA - Baler

LAGUNA - enchanted kingdom. (laughs) (been there but not EK)

MANILA - the capital. (currently here)


PUERTO GALERA - same reason as Bora. 

PUERTO PRINCESA - for adventure.

SUBIC - same reason as Gale.

PANGASINAN - hundred islands.



DAGUPAN CITY - history.

THE NETHERLANDS - visit my foster parents. 









WELL, all I can say is that: