How many lives will you change this year?

"Do you where you're going to?" - This is a line of famous song that I usually sing when I feel no where to go, when I feel stopped at something I want or I thought I should do.

Often times, life gets empty - that is like when you're playing Chess and You are CHECKMATE. When there are no more moves left. Then began the question 'WHY I am here?'. What is the purpose of my being? When life seems to get tougher and confusing.

I've really been there and at times still there and probably will be back there. However, optimistic as I am, I always find reason, a point, a step that could perhaps lead me to go on. And always, it's because, I know, many people need me, my family and probably some other people.

At the beginning of 2010, I felt the loneliest days of my life.I was alone, and I was trying to fight from all the sadness, emptiness, longingness Im feeling deep inside. Indeed, the whole 2010 was a big bunch of trials of my life. Maybe because I'm old enough to handle many things or because it's part of growth.

Now. It's mid 2011, not that lonely or sad anymore. I seem to find the reason to move on or to be strong or to look forward. The fact that a single smile from me could change somebody else's life. The hope that, by being strong I'll be abe to inspire the weak. The believe that I, as simple and ordinary as I am, could make a difference. I want to touch lives, to give hope, to bring light.

How about you? How many lives will you change this year? Is it for the better? How about in your lifetime, how many people will you touch?

x.o.x.o RoseHyacinth