barely there

While I was on my way the office one night being on a graveyard shift, I took my usual route that is - the MRT. Since it is gender segregated, I always go the ladies area where the first car of the train is. I noticed, while passing by  the guys area, that there are plenty of people waiting for the train to come. Well, primarily due to rush hour.

I usually position myself such that I always in that last door of the first car of the train. Approching the girls are, I saw a line of women. Then, I deduced, they formed this line to take turns in riding the train. Awkwardly, that was the only line. The other locations have no line. Thrilled by the thought of this disciplined act. I joined the line.

It took time before a train came in. People are staring at the line which was getting longer. I was ashamed at first on what people will say on us piling up in that UNUSUAL line but my righteous mind won. That was the right thing to do to show equality and fairness. Observing the flow of people while I'm waiting for my turn to ride the train, some woman opt to go to the other areas while some opted to join the line like me.

I just felt that, if only there is that one brave soul that would initiate, definitely someone would follow. I believe, the Filipinos always have wanted the change in our attitudes and practices. What I saw was an orderly system in taking turns to ride the train by forming a line. Isn't it amazing?