Rubik's Cube


I got the patience to literally try once and for all conquering and I MEAN first time conquering the infamous Rubik's cube.

I know Rubik's cube long time ago but I never had any inch of interest in solving or trying it not until recently. Honestly, I never tried before or got interested because I had this wrong notion that the Rubik's cubes are for retarted people. Yes, I was wrong or else I am called RETARDED now. But truthfully, maybe I really had not tried it because I was not that patient enough. Patience is a virtue that is hard to acquire.

So, for the longest time, it was just this June that I made up my mind to try it once and for (ALL?) me. (laughs). June 6, 2010; I bought not the original cube yet but one that cost me 20 pesos only at Vente. I started studying it the next day June 7. June 8 was my day off so I was determined to solve it first time and gladly I did. Congratulations to me!.

Now, I'm studying the cube when I have time. I'm trying to deduce my own style in solving it and hopefully my own style could help others who want to test their patience skill. I am very happy I tried it, now I'm trying to master it but truth of the matter is, I'm still really far from being a real cubist nor a master.

For now, I accept my being an amateur cubist, beginner and the likes but I am determined to master this and I will.

Patience is a virtue. Again and again.