I have a FEVER!

Though honestly, I felt like I'm going to be sick today or anytime soon as I'm really not feeling well, this post ain't about that. The FEVER I said in the title means a Passion, Desire. Something burning in me.

If you might have read some posts in my other blog (half brain dead) you would recall how my year started. It was lonely. I felt LOST. I was praying to God, give me something to keep me going. Something I'll treasure, I'll get busy myself, I'll excel. There is something I want to do. Actually, there are many things I want to do. But that something I'm praying, is something I could do best with no pressure.

I am a frustrated writer, though I'm trying my very best through this blogs but really I wanted more to the point where I pressured myself. That aint good. So I stop exploring that part, hopefully it will be uncovered again in the future. I am a frustrated photographer. I dont have the resources to support that for now. There are things worth more priority than that. I have bought a simple digital camera when I was in 5th year college from my allowances. Simple point and shoot. But I left it home for my family's use. For now, let's freeze that.

I was asking God to give me something to divert my attention in all those frustrations, not just the one I mentioned. But all the toughness life brings. I needed something for I felt no one and nobody. During Christmas season, I thought I would start my being a cubist (Rubik's cube). I haven't solve one so I'm planning to master it. But unfortunately, with all my wish lists containing Rubik's cube, no one gave me even a fake one. So the first month of the year, I was talking to God what is that I need to do. Make me go. Keep me going. He gave me the FEVER for RUNNING.

Why do I run? For a cause, for fun, for health, for wellness, for fitness and for a change. This is what keeps me going. For now, I do not know when the fever will stop but I'll enjoy it for now. This makes me happy. Sorta kinda like a God's gift. I run for life.


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