NYT 2012

Two-zero-one-two! It's a new year after all. This post is about the New Year and my personal thoughts about it. Just a disclaimer, this is all just my personal thoughts and all about myself, not totally informational but more of personal.Here it goes:

The 2011 has not been really very good to me. But of course there were good things that happened in 2011 too and even the not-good things, I believe they happened for a reason. So let me talk about the good things and the not-good things 2011 brought for a better understanding of my New Year thoughts.

January 2011: It was more focused on work and catching up being the newest team member. I had to step up my game so that I won't be left behind.

February 2011: I went to CamSur for the 18th SFC international conference themed I stand and visited neighboring province Albay and was able to see and appreciate the famous Mayon Volcano.

March 2011: It marked the 4th year of my relationship with Bryan and it was struggling. I tried hard to fight for it. I did better in work to be recognized and hopefully get promoted in September.

April 2011: Bryan came to Manila to celebrate his birthday. I surprised him by inviting some of my friends he knows. I also made a video montage of our his birthday plus our anniversary. We went to Tagaytay

May 2011: Family trip to Bohol, I really wished for this one and I know my mother too (even Papa). SO not minding that I was the one who spend for that vacation, it was indeed a memorable one and meaningful. It was with Mama, Ate Mayet, Kuya Philip, Yvonne and Hanz, Nepo and Cres Ann.

June 2011: It was focused on the service at SFC. We were busy preparing for the incoming CLP but the chpter has been through a lot since April. I've had a lot of disapointments and hurt but did not mind. The service is all for the glory of God.

July 2011: My heart has really been hurt by many aspects. Our relationship is like in a downward spiral. I went to Dagupan Cuty, Pangasinan for the SFC Metro Manila COnference themed Stronghold. It was like what I needed to make a decision.

August 2011: We broke up.I didn't really intend for it to be separating ways but he let go.I was broken hearted because I was not promoted too and too many other heart hurting incidents.

September: I tried keeping my hope, optimism that everything will be okay but those were hard times. I had so much bitterness.

October: Some housemates and Accenture batchmates, we went to CDO for Wilgen's wedding. I had white water rafting in Cagayan rivers and zipline in Bukidnon. One adventurous season of my life. Then we were stranded in Camiguin due to typhoon Ramon. It was indeed an unforgettable times. I went home for Mama's birthday too.

November: ANother heartbreak from so many heart aches. He did not even exerted effort to make way for us. We met at the last day of my Cebu trip and I thought there would be reconciliation but really we didnt talk about it. It hurts. It hurts.

December: So much of everything, I wished the year would just end happy for me but no. It was worst, Mama had attack on my birthday, celebrated Christmas in hospital and the person I thought would be there was not at all.

So here's my two cents of the new Year! 
I'll move on. I'll grow. I'll appreciate more what and who I have. I'll smile. I'll still cry. I'll be stronger. I'll be wiser.

My New Year's thoughts after all:

Be humble.
Be honest.
Be healthy.
Be happy.
Be home.


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