Earthquake hits Manila (7/26/2011)

I was on shift (graveyard) when suddenly around 1:18 AM I felt the office is sharing. I am on the 32nd floor of one of the tall buildings in Ortigas. When the movement continued for few more seconds, I uttered to myself "earthquake" while other officemates were in commotion as well. The swaying really took about 60 - 90 seconds in my rough estimates and it was scary.

I was scared. It was the first time I experienced like that. The hanging wall clocks were swaying too and my head started to feel stange that after, I really felt dizzy. I was worried for my team mate too as just minute before the earthquake he went down to buy food. I was thinking what if he was stuck in the elevator.

Also, as one of the emergency marshals at work, I also have to remember my duties as such. I stood up and look for the other people in the office and started counting them. I waited for the guard to say if  we are to evacuate but it didnt have to happen as 3 mins after the shaking, everything went back to normal and people went back to work including me.

When my teammate was back, I asked him where was he during the earthquake and surprisingly he didnt feel it at all. Thankfully, at least I wont have to worry him getting stucked on the elevator.

Next thing I did was to send message to my close friends to inform and as if they are safe. Good thing, everyone is fine. I did not text my family yet as I do not want them to worry. I research the net, try to check phivolcs site but it was down. Some people have already blog the event as well. Then, I stumble to the US Geo site http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc00053yd.php#details.

It was indeed a strong one. I just hope, there was no casualty.

Philvolcs have updated their site too: http://volcano.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/update_SOEPD/2011_Earthquake_Bulletins/July/2011_0725_1715_B1.htm

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