MOONSTAR -: 05/16/2010

7:10 PM Manila time.

Was preparing myself, hurrying for mass @ San Roque Parish and bound for office afterward when Mama sent me a message asking me if I could see the moon. So I went to the kitchen window and searched for the moon, wooolaaahhh, what I found in the western evening sky was such a beautiful sight. Never saw it before. It was...


It made me wish I had my long-before-dream single lens reflector camera to capture it. SIGHS

It was a bright star sitting on the very tip top of the thin crescent moon but  the circular edge of the moon was visible too making the sight so spectacular on that early Sunday evening. I researched about it and it was not a star but actually planet Venus and the Moon very close together. If one would picture it out, it was like a ring with a shining stone. Okay, for the sake of this post, it was like a diamond ring. Some kinda "marry-me" ring. Thanks Ma, for texting me on time to share such a beautiful scene to behold.(HUGE GRIN)

I browsed and read through a lot of things on the net regarding this event as I was interested since my recent blog was about the appearance of solar halo in homeland Cebu last week and now this phenomena I personally call MOONSTAR and all over the country this time. I came across with the astronomical term occultation. Wiki defines occultation as an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. There could be occultation by the moon, by planets or by asteroids.This case was By the MOON, I think. :D

It is said be not unusual for the moon to appear to pass close to Venus because this actually happens almost once a month. However, today was the longest time it was visible (I think) because in the past events, this is only visible short period after sunset (@twilight zone) and shortly before dawn according to research. So still, that sight is once in a blue moon for me. That crescent moon with a fully defined full-moon-edge passing by the planet Venus was just like a shining stone on a ring, and I can't get that picture out of my memory anymore. The fully define full-moon-edge is because the moon is becoming full each day.

Now, people would always ask for meaning. Some commented it was a bad sign, a sign of WAR, chaos and troubles. Some wished it was a positive sign that the Filipino people should be united and start over again after the long awaited first automated election. My opinion as a physicist and as a citizen is that astronomical phenomenon like this do happens and Science really could explain it but to hope that this event is a sign of a better Philippines isn't bad if that would help us to become better citizens and a country worth living for. Hoping is never bad. It depends on how we see things right? So let's have that positive outlook for a brighter tomorrow.

As a BELIEVER of the ONE who allow the beautiful sight to be seen and I would like to repeat about that "marry-me" diamond ring metaphor of that I so called MOONSTAR, He was asking us people to marry HIM. Of course, not the literal marry but HE is asking us to go back to HIM and believe that the Philippines could be BETTER because with HIM, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. :)


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